IPC offers four main surfacing options to complete your playground area.


Engineered Wood Fibers is one of the most cost effective and sustainable surfacing options for playground areas. It is manufactured from fresh wood and washed and treated to remove debris. It provides and an all-weather surface and, even though it is loose fill, is wheel-chair accessible.


With Installation (7 cubic yard minimum)-

  • 7-20 cubic yards- $63/cubic yard

  • 21-35 cubic yards- $61/cubic yard

  • 36+ cubic yards- $59/cubic yard

Without Installation/Bulk Drop (5 cubic yard minimum)-

  • $55/cubic yard with a $75 delivery fee

    *For bulk drop orders outside the Treasure Valley, please contact for quote as freight charges will be involved.


Loose fill rubber mulch is one of the most popular surfacing options for playground areas. It is made from re-processed tires to ensure safe material that is wire free. Studies have shown that loose fill rubber offers greater shock absorbing capacity and a softer landing than wood. It is also shown to last longer and require less maintenance than wood fill as well, as the product is denser and less likely to be washed away in weather. Available in 5 different colors — Espresso Black, Mocha Brown, Cedar Red, Green, Blue.


  • 20lb. Sack (0.81 cubic feet)- $16.99

  • 1/2 Ton Sack (1.35 cubic yards)- $449.99

  • 1 Ton Sack (2.7 cubic yards)- $749.99



Rubber play tiles are designed to be a more resilient rubber surfacing option and are manufactured from recycled rubber. The rubber tiles are available alone or with padding to match every fall height. They feature a porous surface for easy drainage and have been shown to eliminate potential health risks involved with loose fill surfacing. Tile dimensions are 2’x2’. Available in 3 different colors — Black, Red, Green.


  • 4’ Fall Height — 1.75” Tile @ $7.75/sq. ft.

  • 6’ Fall Height — 1.75” Tile w/ 1” Pad @ $11.14/sq. ft.

  • 8’ Fall Height — 1.75” Tile w/ 2” Pad @ $12.31/sq. ft.

  • 10’ Fall Height — 1.75” Tile w/ 1” & 2” Pad @ $15.70/sq. ft.

Edge Ramps for play tiled areas are available. Please contact for quote.



Poured in Place rubber is the newest and most innovative surfacing option available. It is proving to be the most durable and longest lasting option as well. It provides a highly accessible surface to allow play for all abilities. It is ideal for heavily used recreational areas and requires less routine maintenance to meet compliance than any other option. Available in a variety of colors with option of designs.

PRICING*: Please contact for quote.



Bonded Rubber Mulch is a great surfacing alternative to both loose fill rubber mulch and PIP. It offers the aesthetically pleasing and natural look of loose fill rubber while still providing the low maintenance of poured in place rubber. Bonded mulch consists of larger shredded pieces rather than the granular pea size pieces used in PIP. Again, ideal for heavily trafficked play areas and those interested in a more “natural” feel. Available in a variety of colors with option of designs.

PRICING*: Please contact for quote.

*Freight charges will be associated with purchase of product.